Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Looking at my site I realized its been a couple years since I updated this blog...A lot has happened since I last posted here.  The world has become slightly more complicated...  Politics, business and technology seem to have adopted a winner take all mentality.  Without getting political I have seen a shift in my personal concerns, wants, needs and desires...We now have three very grand grandsons to help keep things in perspective.  We have gone from a Kadey Krogen 42 to a Legacy 28 to our current escape vehicle this sweet little Eastward Ho 24 "lender"  named "Meander"
The cantankerous  outboard powered inflatables have been replaced with a 7' hard dinghy guided by a remarkably reliable pair of oars.
The big diesels replaced with dacron and aluminum, the marina slip replaced with a simple mooring ball.  "Meander" is a classic Eldridge McGinnis designed motorsailer with essentially no complicated systems...Perfect for a quick afternoon sail, overnight-er with the grandboys or a friendly "lend"...A "lender" is a boat so simple that you can lend it to a family member or friend and not have to worry about anything getting broken or them not making it back.  A boat who's refrigeration, air conditioning, running water, electric toilet, radar, chart plotter will never break...as they simply don't exist.  It feels right at this time in my life to have a "lender" to simplify, to go against the bigger is better trend...Possibly in the future a boat more substantial, more complicated...a boat that would be impossible to "lend" will steal my heart.
Until that happens anyone want to go sailing?

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