Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shake up at Salt Yacht Brokerage Co, LLC

News Release 10th of September Two Thousand oh Ten: for immediate release to general public, News Media, all wire services and AP:

Tilley our fourth most productive salesperson has decided to take a leave of absence from Salt Yacht Brokerage Company to return to College in Vermont and assist her master in finishing up her senior year. Although she will surely be missed we are happy to announce that we have found a capable replacement to fill all four of Tilley's shoes....Genny
Genny is a young upstart pup rescued from Dundalk who although appears lethargic and unresponsive we have great hope that she will mature into a fine upstanding office dog that will someday respond to her name and actually stand up.... Stop by and say hi to Genny...

In other news...

We have had a great selling summer. Charlie and Ben have both been active and we have sold through most of our inventory. This summer has seen SYBC continue to grow and our focus on just doing one thing and one thing well is paying off! We just sell used boats. No new boat lines to push, No charter company to manage. SYBC "Simply selling boats!"
If you are thinking of moving up or out of boating give us a call.
We have the focus to make it happen! -

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Salt Yachts Summertime...

Well it's the middle of summer and the living is easy...
Ben has landed a gig Captaining the "Ellsworth"... Echo Hills' Skipjack! To have the chance to skipper an honest to God authentic, real deal survivor of the age of sail is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Ben gets to take small groups of extremely lucky kids out for a week of "Chesapeake Bay Old School"...a little bit of fishing, crabbing, reading, and self sufficiency never hurt anyone.

Chester River Runoff has released a new CD "Blue Heron Farm"...check it out it's great!
Runoff kicked off the new CD performing a few of their songs at Fountain Park last week and invited Charlotte (our youngest daughter) up on stage to sing along...

Monday, June 21, 2010

2nd annual "Team Salt Yachts Down River Race Campaign"

We left Charlie in charge and the remaining staff Ben, Melinda, Tilley and I did our part to make the winners of the down river race feel better about themselves.
Ben and Shelley sailed the infamous International 14 aptly named "BOTTOM"S UP" to a DNF. They may have finished if it didn't leak so bad and sink.
Sailing Rock Stars Bobby Martin and Chuck Rosica drove in from Riverton and sailed TEAM SALT YACHTS 1968 O'Day Mariner to a just as impressive DNF. RiverJoe made the trip and paddled his SUP "stand up paddleboard" to an early lead until his feet fell asleep.


Greenwood "Cookie" rode crew on the SALT YACHT chase boat and took over for RiverJoe standing tall on the SUP...

It was another great day on the water and as always the after party was superb.

Next year Salt Yacht promises to supply a couple boats that will contend!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

blogging again

Seems like forever since I've posted anything, vacations, work, life... seem to be consuming all my "waste time". We have been very busy here at SALT...hard to believe it was a year ago that we took the plunge. We are happy to announce that Charlie Kneller has joind the team. Charlie has been selling boats since Noah started wearing foulies. We are glad to have him helping out.

We are also starting to add video to our listings here is a taste.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doing our bit...

Salt Yacht Brokerage Co. is pleased to announce our participation in this years Polar Bear Plunge! No, 20 degree temps. or frozen water would not keep us from sponsoring someone to take the plunge for us...Dan Divilio!

Can you imagine having the courage, strength, insanity to strip down in 15 degree wind chill and plunge into near freezing water to raise money? .. we couldn't either. Lucky for us Dan can, so a few bucks to help a great cause like the Special Olympics seemed like a no brainer...
Go Dan!

Its not to late to help out! Plunge