Monday, June 21, 2010

2nd annual "Team Salt Yachts Down River Race Campaign"

We left Charlie in charge and the remaining staff Ben, Melinda, Tilley and I did our part to make the winners of the down river race feel better about themselves.
Ben and Shelley sailed the infamous International 14 aptly named "BOTTOM"S UP" to a DNF. They may have finished if it didn't leak so bad and sink.
Sailing Rock Stars Bobby Martin and Chuck Rosica drove in from Riverton and sailed TEAM SALT YACHTS 1968 O'Day Mariner to a just as impressive DNF. RiverJoe made the trip and paddled his SUP "stand up paddleboard" to an early lead until his feet fell asleep.


Greenwood "Cookie" rode crew on the SALT YACHT chase boat and took over for RiverJoe standing tall on the SUP...

It was another great day on the water and as always the after party was superb.

Next year Salt Yacht promises to supply a couple boats that will contend!


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