Monday, November 23, 2009

Difference between the men and the boys.....

For the second time in recent history the Eastern Shore has hosted very big small sailing regattas. First Oxford hosted the North Americans and this past weekend Rock Hall hosted 16 of the top R/C Laser sailors. Thanks to Sailing Emporium for the great site and Maury and friends for a great regatta. Congrats to David Branning for the big win!

Salt Yacht Brokerage Company was there and and would like to dispell any rumors that these are toys.
They are not, they are serious racing machines! True some are sailed by clowns but what fleet doesn't have a few clowns?

Next weekend the R/C Laser circuit/circus travels to the beautiful and majestic Cooper River... a scenic waterway that courses through Collingswood, NJ for the first ever "Black Saturday Regatta"

...Be There
Salt Yacht Brokerage Company might be!

Friday, November 20, 2009

What do all these fine boats have in common?

'01 Catalina 470
'05 Jeanneau 45 Sun Odessey
42' Pearson 422
36' Pearson

31' ODay'99 + '01 + '93 Catalina 320's'83 Lippincott 3030' Catalina35' Caliber'01 Catalina 320
'93 Catalina 320

32' Bristol Bristol 29.9Alberg 30

which means one thing....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cold Kiting..

Skipped out for two hours on Friday for what might well have been my last day of kiting on the Bay this season.
Click on the picture to check out what a mid life crisis looks like in 44 degree air temp. and 17 knots NW!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the winner is.......

David O'Really from Riverton NJ with his simple minded yet poignant local refererence laced, mildly insulting caption ....

"Rock Hall"

Dave your Limited addition, size large, 100% cotton, Salt Yacht Brokerage Company T Shirt/Shamwow is in the mail.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Ever Salt Yacht Brokerage Company Caption Contest

Best caption gets a limited addition Salt Yacht Brokerage T shirt ( choice of three popular sizes)
Just email us your caption to: the winning entry will be chosen by the Salt staff (either one) the winner will be announced during the 7 inning stretch of the 2009 World Series game 5 if you are unable to attend game 5 and make it up to section 700 row 12 seat 67 you can find the winner announced on our website tomorrow.
Early Returns-
Denny B. -"Do you think we'll need an anchor"
Skip L.- "But the depth sounder reads 12 feet?"
Bill M. -"Hello Moorings... we're on our flight home, ah you can pick # 63 up over on the North shore..."
Steve E.- " I said Scotch on the Rocks you idiot!"
Mark H. -" Craig thought to himself: Damn that channel looks narrow"
Glenn S.- " Honey I'm home"
Matt L.- " But I was yelling Starboard the whole time"
Greg M.- "I THOUGHT a bad day on the water was better then a good day at work"