Monday, November 23, 2009

Difference between the men and the boys.....

For the second time in recent history the Eastern Shore has hosted very big small sailing regattas. First Oxford hosted the North Americans and this past weekend Rock Hall hosted 16 of the top R/C Laser sailors. Thanks to Sailing Emporium for the great site and Maury and friends for a great regatta. Congrats to David Branning for the big win!

Salt Yacht Brokerage Company was there and and would like to dispell any rumors that these are toys.
They are not, they are serious racing machines! True some are sailed by clowns but what fleet doesn't have a few clowns?

Next weekend the R/C Laser circuit/circus travels to the beautiful and majestic Cooper River... a scenic waterway that courses through Collingswood, NJ for the first ever "Black Saturday Regatta"

...Be There
Salt Yacht Brokerage Company might be!

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