Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shake up at Salt Yacht Brokerage Co, LLC

News Release 10th of September Two Thousand oh Ten: for immediate release to general public, News Media, all wire services and AP:

Tilley our fourth most productive salesperson has decided to take a leave of absence from Salt Yacht Brokerage Company to return to College in Vermont and assist her master in finishing up her senior year. Although she will surely be missed we are happy to announce that we have found a capable replacement to fill all four of Tilley's shoes....Genny
Genny is a young upstart pup rescued from Dundalk who although appears lethargic and unresponsive we have great hope that she will mature into a fine upstanding office dog that will someday respond to her name and actually stand up.... Stop by and say hi to Genny...

In other news...

We have had a great selling summer. Charlie and Ben have both been active and we have sold through most of our inventory. This summer has seen SYBC continue to grow and our focus on just doing one thing and one thing well is paying off! We just sell used boats. No new boat lines to push, No charter company to manage. SYBC "Simply selling boats!"
If you are thinking of moving up or out of boating give us a call.
We have the focus to make it happen! -