Friday, January 20, 2012

Just around the corner...


The holidays are a happy memory, the New Year slid under our feet and we find ourselves marching toward spring! It is that time of the year when we can not keep our thoughts from getting boaty... Time for the mid winter bilge checks, cover adjustment, battery monitoring, parts ordering, boat shopping....and in SYBC case....surveys, seatrials and closings!

Last Monday we splashed this beautiful 1983 Lippincott 36 (a what?) for sea-trial way up north in Riverside NJ. Bright blue skys, temps hovering in the low 20's, ice in the travel-lift slip... a glorious day for a sea-trial! The survey and sea-trial went well and another boat changes hands and lives. A slightly sad seller hands over the key but not the 29 years of good sailing memories (yes the original owner)...A happy buyer who will find his winter severly shortened by pleasent sailing images derailing his trains of thought....

...........I love my job!

Here's some of what we have sold the last couple of months:

SALT YACHT BROKERAGE COMPANY ....simply doing it right!