Thursday, October 8, 2009

What a difference a day makes.....

Wind is amazing, able to grab a hold of water, lift and distort an otherwise perfectly smooth surface creating ripples. As the wind increases it pushes those ripples up into lumps, left unchecked it will line those lumps up create troughs so that the wind has a nearly vertical surface to now push against creating waves.
At about 35 kts water starts to blow apart... "smoke on the water"
Here are two pictures from the same spot 24 hours apart... Two different sailboats coming into Swan Creek
As I was rigging to go windsurfing Crab crusher #1 was grunting along at about 1 knt. SOG into 30 kn0ts. Crab crusher #2 24 hours later having a better go of it....
No moral here...oh hell maybe alittle one..."we've all done it, we've all said we'll never do it again...we all will."

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