Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Down River Race or "Jesters on the Chester"

Friday saw us chasing the annual CRYC to RHYC "Down River Race". Our youngest daughter Charlotte and friend Julie wanted to sail a 420 so we had the perfect excuse to turn the office over to Ben and go sailing! The Down River Race starts at Chester River Yacht Club and ends 10 miles downstream at the Rock Hall Yacht Club. The entry list included everything.... Log Canoes, A Cats, Beetle Cats, Comets, International 14's, Day Sailers, Windmills, Hobies....

Two log canoes started, one made it all the way to the Log Canoe bar at RHYC the other fell over before the second sand bar. The A Cats looked silly on the first leg which was straight downwind going 10 knots at very high angles allowing the 4 knot boats sailing straight downwind to keep up...that is until the river turned 90 degrees right and the A Cats disappeared at 15 knots! We finished lunch about 3 miles into the race shut down the stinky on SALT, put on some sail and had a delightful ride down and out into the Chester.

The 2009 Raymond James, Rock Hall Real Estate, Rosica Builders, Salt Yacht Brokerage, Service Equipment, team building exercise was a huge success!

Good time was had by all, next year we will be racing!

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....Thank you Sue for the Photos

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