Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey Neptune it's "Reprisal" now...

You have to wonder about the wisdom of changing the name of a boat. Just coming up with a new name can be very trying, add in removing the old name, coming up with a font that works, dealing with the Coast Guard, let alone the effort required to appease the Gods! This all adds up to a lot of boat time spent not sailing... I have to give credit to Dave and Jill Voeller for accepting the challenge. Dave and Jill recently purchased a beautiful Tartan 4100 that was the boat of their dreams with the exception that it was being pushed around by an unacceptable name. This was taken care of at approximately 6pm Saturday with a wonderful "changing of the name" ceremony. I'm not sure of the exact ceremony used... I'm pretty sure it was either the Poseidon or Neptune version but I do remember that the old name was banished to the deep and some cheap champagne was poured East to West...then lots of expensive Champagne was consumed...then it gets a little blurry.
Kudos to Jill and Dave taking on the challenge and thanks for the wonderful Party!

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  1. Great story about the name change... it's a big event and should include a ceremony and party. BTW We are launching a sailing website and business with a new name:
    Best of Luck to Tom and Melinda... go SALT